Efficiencies in online publishing assignment: Wing it!

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Maintaining your digital presence as a creator can be time consuming. You bookmark something on Diigo but also want to share that resource with your Facebook community. You might make a post on your professional blog that has relevance to your academic blog or that you might want to email to a specific listserv. There are tools and strategies that can help you manage your digital life to make you more efficient. You can use specific software to help you manage your efforts and you can also use one social media user profile across multiple social resources.

For this assignment, think about where you currently publish and design a workflow that you might want to create that works for where you might have redundant postings. Use a mindmap, pen and paper, illustration program, or other process to help illustrate what that flow might look like. This is phase one. In phase two explore tools and strategies that are available, phase three is the actual implementation for your new workflow and finally, phase four is reading a good book or taking a walk with all the extra spare time you now have!


My completed assignment:

I completed this assignment using online software called Stormboard. I’ve tried it out a couple of times and when I saw this assignment, I thought immediately that it might be a good way to depict my workflow. (I didn’t realize it at the time, but you’ll need to create an account to look at the board. I’ve created a guest account if you want to use it:  u. heidi.o.guest  p. extrap@ssw0rd  (zero))

Unfortunately there isn’t an embed code so if you want to see it you’ll have to follow the link to Online Presence and enter the ID and key code provided here.

stormboard access


Feel free to access and make comments or ask questions inside Stormboard. Look for the little chat window on each of the cards or up in the upper right corner. You’ll have to create an account for Stormboard in order to comment.

Reflection on this assignment I’m sure I’ve left out some social media sites or other places I publish but I believe these are my main communication areas, at least the ones that do, or could have a connection. I went ahead and paid $5 for a paid subscription of stormboard (first month is free) so that I could use the directional arrows. In the free account your only option is connection, but most connections either go one way or both. I think that is useful visualization to have. I think this exercise had several unexpected outcomes. In moving to the next phase, one should really determine who the audience is for your various publishing sites and the overall goal in communicating with that audience. I also think this could be incorporate when one looks at one’s personal learning environment. After framing what the PLE looks like, you may see gaps or you most often see that there may be opportunities to increase sharing with others. Thinking about different tools and strategies for sharing automatically might be a good way to beef up that important aspect of the PLE.

My Grade for this assignment: Pass



    1. Fixed the link — sorry about that. I also realized that you need to have an account on Stormboard to just see the outcome. I don’t like that feature of Stormboard. I created a guest account for those who want to just look.

      (I didn’t realize it at the time, but you’ll need to create an account to look at the board. I’ve created a guest account if you want to use it: u. heidi.o.guest p. extrap@ssw0rd (zero))

  1. This is a great idea and something I need to look more in to. I’ve made do without using any tools for streamlining my post in large part because I rarely want to post anything in more than one place. There are a few things that I would put on both Twitter and my blog — but I get around that by including my Twitter feed on my blog (for my Tweets that I don’t want to do a whole write-up for) and having WordPress automatically post a Tweet when I do a blog post (directing people to the blog post).

    Thanks for sharing this!

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