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As I begin thinking about digital literacy and having an online presence, I also begin to panic because I know from prior experience that having this presence can be time consuming. Similar to creating anything that you have a passion about: cooking a good meal, sketching a portrait, planting a garden, even maintaining a friendship, all these activities take time to build and maintain. As you try to maintain your presence or if you’re thinking about growing your presence, all would benefit from an understanding of what you’re already doing.

When I was thinking about the “Tell me what you want” option for “Efficient online presence”, (and working on the other assignments for this collection) I was starting to panic about being efficient with my time. I really appreciate Chris asking this question and hope that I can incorporate this topic into other assignments when we are able to make our own choices or if Chris decides to include something for the entire class to work on then I’ll be able to get more exposure to tools and resources through the cohort. Advice for future students: the sky really is the limit on making suggestions and asking questions. Most instructors, and this one in particular, really wants to make the content relevant and personal. This instructor wouldn’t put up with “busy” work and neither should you.


  1. FYI: your link here goes to the WP dashboard not the public post 🙂

    The important part here is the potential for sharing between students. One thing I’ve learned about productivity over the years is that you can learn very useful and interesting things even from people who aren’t necessarily exemplars at being, themselves, super productive.

    It would be great to hear from other Nousionites w/r/t their methods, apps, techniques and tools for efficiency and productivity.

    At a meta-level it could be interesting, also, to consider how “productivity” and “efficiency” are and are not the same thing…

    And thank you for the last few sentences. I abohor “busy work” and “make work” and would rather no one wasted their time with it!

  2. Ah, good point. “Efficiency” and “Productive,” at least in this case, would assume that the original thing (bookmark, tweet, post) is of a quality that deserves to be shared in more then one place. There is definitely plenty of things out there they actually make you unproductive. Certainly something to consider that just being efficient in a process, doesn’t necessarily mean that without consideration, the thing you are reusing is in a productive form. For example, a Diigo bookmark doesn’t mean a lot as a blog post unless you’re annotating and reflecting on why the bookmark is special.

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