Maken da Sea to Garden Chutney: Make and Share

I went ahead and interrupted the “Make and Share” assignment in my own way and MADE some chutney last night which is depicted by the animated gif above using imgflip. I had some bull kelp that I wanted to use up – the rest went into about 5  quarts of salsa. I’m planning to SHARE the chutney with my family and friends. And I’m SHARING the rather annoying gif with you.

Sure go ahead and call it “Make and Share”, but really it was more like “Create and Delete”. It sounds easy, right, make anything and then share.

I have never made an animated gif and I thought I had a really good idea for a gif that would I could and reuse. There is an process in Blackboard that instructors need to do every semester to make their course available, but they only do it once and some forget how to do it again. So…let’s make an animated gif so it could be use as a reminder every semester. I wanted to use my iPad or iPhone but I didn’t have the right video to use, then I started a screencast to record the mouse clicks and forgot to turn off my chat and up popped a chat message so I had to start over. I then chose to use gliphy to create the gif and the resolution is so lousy that I won’t share it.

So you get to see another animated gif created with imflip using still images in a repeatedly repeating repeatedly loop. After completing this exercise, would I ever find use for this type of animated gif for reals? Perhaps for a reflection exercise, I like the idea of expressing oneself through a series of images and being purposeful in which images you select can be a good critical thinking exercise. So for that reason, this process might be useful. The tech skill for using the application were pretty low (meaning there weren’t a lot of options to choose from).  

One of our classmates sent a tweet about Canva and how easy it is to design something quickly and easily. I decided I better give it a try. I did find it very easy to use with lots of features and options. It might have been because I had a zillion tabs open in my browser, but I found it sluggish and not very responsive when I wanted to move things around. For me, I could have created just a product using Adobe InDesign just as quickly and would have created a better product, but I do agree that this was pretty easy to use.

I gave the Kelp Rhubarb Chutney recipe another try with this poster.

chutney poster


  1. I’ve never cooked with bull kelp, but the chutney looks interesting. I find myself opting back to InDesign rather than in-browser programs occasionally out of sheer frustration as well. The poster turned out pretty well though. 🙂

  2. This is neat! I’ve never made a gif before, so I’ll have to check out imgflip. The chutney sounds tasty, too- when I lived in Alaska, I had a prehistoric-sized rhubarb plant in my backyard so I definitely was always looking for rhubarb recipes! Love rhubarb in the summer!

  3. I like the infographic you made much better than the gif (should it have a seizure warning? Kidding-not-kidding) and it is a neat idea for a way to communicate a straightforward recipe.

    I had never thought of using a gif as a reflection exercise. Very clever idea!

  4. One of the things I have to admit I do pay attention to on Facebook are some of the recipe videos that seem to be a blurring of the lines between video, animated gif and infographic. They are short, soundless, feature a lot of text, and lay the process out simply. They’re video, but a far cry from the Food Network. Now I can’t find one, of course, but I bet you know just what I mean.

  5. I know exactly what you mean, Chris. I was thinking about that genre as I was creating that really annoying gif and wishing I hadn’t used up all my kelp so I could actually create a video just like that. Of course, I’m pretty sure it would require a manicure or gloves (or a glove whooo!).

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