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My Rich Reflection for “As We May Think” by Vannevar Bush

My Rich Reflection for A Personal Cyberinfrastructure and A Personal Cyberinfrastructure Revisited

Where are you now?

Exploring Dig Cit

Digital Literacies I

Bling Your Blog

Digital Literacies II

My Rich Reflection for Wire: A Domain of One’s Own

My Rich Reflection using with the #nousion tag for The Web We Need to Give Students

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Make & Share – Powtoons

Wing it! W!

Wing it! – Spaces

Search & Research

Think about your Thinking – Online Reading Block

Making Connections – My idea was to go to each of our blogs and found the post that had the most comments. Then I posted something in hopes of continuing the conversation. What I found is that 1) some blogs don’t show the number of comments per post, or a list of recent comments. I also think that some are moderating comments so they aren’t automatically showing up. There were several posts that I saw through the feedreader I installed (Inoread, which I like, but the way) marked Making Connections. My second idea was to comment on those same posts to get a larger conversation going. What I found through, is that by following the links provided by the commenter, that I couldn’t see their comments. So my guess is that the comments were being held up in moderation.

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