Collaborate a Little and Working Together

Nick, Samantha and I worked on this assignment together. Lucky, my groupmates were very accommodating and agreed to get this project started and completed within a timeframe that worked for me. I really appreciate their willingness on that.

Once we made a connection with each other (through twitter), Nick created a shared Google Doc and we were on our way! The document demonstrates the process we went through, the discussion we had using both comments and direct edits and each of our contributions. We set up a time to work together and we worked for a few hours to come up with consensus on statements and on a plan for presentation. We found a template for Google Slides via Slide Carnival and we worked back and forth between the two applications. At the end of our first meeting, we had come up with solid statements and near-finished presentation. I truly felt it a collaborative effort. There was give and take on wordsmithing the policy statements. Nick was very thoughtful in polishing the statements up. Samatha took the lead on organizing the slides and we all added content. We decided to make the slides a little more interactive and we created a survey similar to the original survey that Chris provided, except we would actually like people to complete the survey! We provided a link to the Survey and to the Response Results on one of the last slides. After breaking for the night, we each reviewed the slides the next day and had a short discussion to polish things up on the presentation.

Our final product comes to you through a shared Google Slide Presentation as presented here:

Work Together (yes we did!)

How did you get together?

Twitter worked really great for making a connection. I don’t know if Nick and Samantha had any kind of previous acquaintance, but Nick and I have met in person and spent a week together at one of eLearning’s iTeach workshops. I’ve only met Samatha through our class hangouts and through blogs.

How you made it?

Nick and I had the same thought about using a Google Doc. When Samantha joined, she and Nick came up with the idea of creating a presentation using google Slides. Had it been just me, I would have settled on presenting the Google Doc that we worked on together (with some polishing up). But, I think the slides came our really great and I’m so glad that Nick and Samantha suggested it and pulled me along! It truly exceeded my expectations!

How did you communicate?

We started out with Twitter, followed up with a couple of emails and then went into Google Docs and Slides and used the commenting and editing tools within each of the apps. I think it helped that we all seemed comfortable in the Google apps world. As I watched everyone typing away in a synchronous fashion in both Docs and Slides, it seemed like we all had similar skills. That was helpful. We followed up with a couple of emails.

How did you come up with the idea for your collaboration?

Well, Chris came up with the topic and after all the work we put in and it being just a good collaborative experience, it seemed like it should be a good candidate for a Work Together assignment as well.

What worked?

I think what worked was that we were working as a group on group protocol so we were actually practicing what we were reading and revising.  We chatted enough in the edits that it seemed like we all had the same goals and were looking at the problem from a similar angle. It also seemed like we were willing to compromise and “listen” to one another. I also think that this being a project that had clear instructions and a short turnaround timeline we all just got in to get it done.

What didn’t work?

I felt stressed to get this completed quickly so I hope that didn’t come over as being pushy or under-achieving. I knew I could only commit to a specific time and I also wanted to pull my weight as far as participating in the group work.

Advice for future students who might make the same kind of thing and/or use the same technologies?

Get a request out for finding a partner right away – don’t delay or put that off. Communicate right away and decide if your timeframe is compatible. If you go into the project with your own ideas it might help to get things started. Follow the group protocol statements that Nick, Samantha and I came up with and your collaborative work will produce good results and be fun!



  1. It is neat that you wrapped your Collaborate a little project into the Work Together one. I might steal that idea 😉 It sounds like, even though you were rushed, the group worked well together. That is such a plus.

    I can’t see the slide presentation for some reason, just FYI.

    1. hmmm – thanks for letting me know. I added a direct link. I can see the embed slides – even going incognito….hmmm

  2. Exemplary work and documentation. One quibble with the product: I’m not so sure that (Evaluation) #4 is subsumed into #1 unless “friendship” (or the equivalent) is explicitly addressed.

    What I really enjoyed about going through this was getting a solid sense of how you worked together in the Google Doc and then seeing the aesthetically pleasing and useful product in the slides.

  3. Your comment is interesting about #4. For that statement, we quickly agreed and had little discussion around it. This was probably one of the only statements that we immediately agreed. Just speaking for myself, maybe it was the word “friendship” that didn’t seem to be an important element. I don’t really think that friendship should be a direct result of small group work and certainly not an important goal. Maintaining a collaborative relationship doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re friends, does it?

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