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Problem: In Collection III one of the Your Choice Assignments is Previous Your Choice Assignment which says to Choose a Your Choice assignment from a previous collection’s list (Collection I ; Collection II) that you haven’t already done. Tag as instructed for that particular assignment.

I looked back through Collection I and I completed all of the options in that Collection so I moved on to Collection II. My available options are Who to Follow, Work Out Loud, Efficiencies in Online Publishing, Wingman, Music Shuffle Creative Writing Exercise or Cardboard Your Community. I decided to look into Wingman which is “Complete an assignment created by one of your classmates.”

So…without going to each of my classmate’s blog and looking for the “wingit!” tag…how could I found all those blog posts.

First thought – the course site has a list of the posts that classmates make on the People tab. I can do a browser find (command-f) to find “wingit” or “wing.” The list of posts now spans seven pages so I would have to go page by page to find my keywords. I came up with 7 posts that had my keywords in the title.

I realized that I was probably missing some as not everyone might use one of the keywords in the title of their post.

Second thought – Inoreader. I signed up and subscribed to all of the class blogs. Surely I could find a search option for the “wingit” tag that we were asked to use on our blog posts. There is a search option and I can select only my subscriptions (of which is limited to only this class). This pulled up 38 articles which included comments. After shifting out the comments, I came up with 8 posts. By going through the options, it appeared that my keywords did not all appear in the title but the keywords did appear in the content of the post. So this seemed like a more inclusive way to search for the tags I wanted.

Upon doing a google search, I only got hits for search tags across multiple Tumblr posts. I couldn’t find anything about searching for tags across WordPress sites or across multiple blogs in general. If anyone else has suggestions for options, I’m interested!

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